We have the pleasure to anouce that we are remote vendors at Le Spectacle Marine! You can buy from CCF and pick up your products on the event. You can save a lot of money on shipping fee this away, since the fee to collect at the event is much lower than out actual shipping fee.


1- How do I order?

You can place and order until September 10 and the purchasing process is the same as if you were purchasing on your own on CCF's website:

  1. Add the products you want to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout;
  2. Select "Pick up at Le Spectacle Marine " as your shipping method;
  3. Checkout and pay for your purchase;
  4. Wait for the event.
2- How do I pick up my items at the event?
Picking up your order at the event is easy and simple:

  1. Print the confirmation email of your order and take it with you to the event;
  2. Show the confirmation email to the staff and collect your order;
  3. Check if everything is correct;
  4. Sign the pick up list confirming you received your items.
Make sure to have a ID with you when going to CCF's stall at the event, you might need it to be able to pickup your item!

3- How much will shipping fee cost?

Shipping fee is 10 usd per item, it's much lower than the actual shipping fee you would pay if you purchased the items on your own and received them at your address.
4- Will I be able to purchase CCF products at the event too?
Yes, but just few itens. We recommend to order beforhand on our website, since you may not be able to find your shoe size or the color you want.